Migrating a New Platform

Migrating your existing Data Warehouse to a new platform can potentially be a risky, expensive, time consuming, manual, and error-prone exercise, which can have a dramatic effect on achieving time to value, business user satisfaction, and return on investment (ROI) objectives.

Lift 'n' Shift Data Warehouse Migration

Smart Associates has an enviable track record of reducing the time to value for our customers when migrating from legacy Data Warehouse technologies to next generation hybrid, cloud, appliance, MPP, or open source databases.

That is because rather than redoing everything from scratch, each time, for every customer - and charging for every hour spent doing so - instead we focus on encapsulating everything we've learnt along the way into a library of reusable methodologies, tools, and techniques to automate as much of the process as possible in a repeatable way.

This mature capability along with the breadth and depth of our database experience is what differentiates us from the competition, and what enabled us recently to migrate 30K+ objects and 120TB of SQL Server data to a PostgreSQL-based database in a matter of weeks; or run existing Teradata SQL scripts containing non-standard functions on DB2 without having to rewrite them first.

To give you peace of mind, our fully automated reconciliation and validation process that is a feature of Smart Data Frameworks will highlight any source and target discrepancies at the row or column level post-migration also.

We even have solutions for customers wanting to migrate from on premise to cloud-based offerings without leaving behind any of their users, groups, permissions, or query workloads.

Whatever the technology, our goal is always the same: to help make our customers successful as quickly as possible.

Supported Platforms

Reusable migration templates and optimisations exist for the following specific source and/or target database platforms:

Migrating between Netezza platforms

When migrating between older generation PureData for Analytics/Netezza systems and the new Netezza Performance Server, Smart Associates has an additional tool to assist you with process.

Netezza Database Replication as a Service (DbRaaS) is a feature of our Smart Management Frameworks product that allows you to fully automate the process of migrating between platforms without any system downtime. Whereas the IBM recommended method for migrating between the two is to use nz_migrate, this procedure does involve significant manual intervention and can lead to a prolonged data migration. As an alternative, Netezza Database Replication as a Service allows you to fully replicate all of your Netezza databases and to simply cut-over to your new platform when it suits you.

Further Information

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