About Smart Associates

About Smart Associates

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A background to Smart Associates

Formed in 2003, Smart Associates has gained a reputation and an extensive background in the provision of data warehouses and data lakes.

From its inception as a purely time and materials style consulting, Smart Associates has expanded into fixed price solution delivery, providing outsourced application and database support. Our services range right through the data warehouse lifecycle, from inception, design, platform selection, migration, implementation and support, and for any architecture, whether on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

We have managed large data migration and integration projects for clients in retail, insurance, banking, financial services, telecoms, healthcare and other industries. Most of our customers are large, ‘blue chip’ corporations. We are experts in combining and enriching data from multiple internal and external sources. Implementation sizes have ranged from 50 terabytes to 5 petabytes giving clients previously unavailable business insights and capabilities.

We're proud of the fact that despite numerous large scale and technically demanding engagements, often taking responsibility for projects that others had previously failed to deliver successfully, we’ve never had a single failed project or unsatisfied customer. We intend to keep it that way. Typically, we prefer to take responsibility for total solution delivery and will assemble complete teams of professionals to meet our customer’s bespoke Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing requirements.

The approach we have taken is to capture accumulated experience in our Smart Management Frameworks (SMF) and Smart Data Frameworks (SDF) products. This means we can automate many migration and management processes, including many items not covered by standard vendor tools. The result is to ensure critical tasks are completed correctly, and risk, time and costs are greatly reduced.

For those that don’t require the entire product set that comprises SMF, they can choose from individual products including Smart Databse Replication, Smart Access Control Entra ID/LDAP Synchronization and Smart System Management for Netezza.

Of particular note is our help for those companies looking at their options for upgrading or replacing their IBM®’s Pure Data™ for Analytics/Netezza systems that have reached end of support by IBM:

Smart Associates has a unique bi-hemisphere model with hubs in Europe and Asia Pacific serving a global client base with a proven delivery model that spans multiple time zones.

Our team probably knows more about how to get the best out of Netezza than other independent providers, whether at a data warehouse architectural level, or in the practical details of tactical database administration (advice and assistance such as we describe in our blog, for example).

We have people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds with work experience across data architecture, data science, data engineering, software development, product support, management consultancy, legal topics and finance.

Need more information or would like to talk?

If you would like more information about any of our products and services, or have questions about your data warehousing set up in general, or more specifically about migrating to Yellowbrick, or would just like to talk to us about your requirements please contact us here.