Managing your IBM Netezza®️ appliances just got a whole lot easier!

Smart Management Frameworks (SMF) automates processes to improve the performance, availability, recoverability, and security of IBM Pure Data for Analytics/Netezza Performance Server systems - whether on premise or in the cloud. It comprises 3 modules - SmartSafe, SmartSecure and SmartSure.

SmartSafe Data Replication as a Service


SmartSafe is Database Replication as a Service (DbRaaS) - a managed service offering provided by Smart Associates which utilises the database replication features of our Smart Management Frameworks (SMF) product. It is designed to improve the performance, availability and recoverability of one or more of IBM®’s Pure Data™ for Analytics (aka Netezza) or Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data appliances.

DR as a Service allows customers to replicate their Netezza databases in near real-time. You choose how frequently you want to replicate changes between systems, according to workload, data volatility, bandwidth, and recovery time/point considerations. In the event of a disaster, Time to Recovery (TTR) can be measured in the minutes it will take SMF to make a backup system the new primary, and for DNS servers to be repointed to this; but even without a disaster, database replication can potentially enable customers to divide their data, users, and workloads between multiple appliances for improved performance, concurrency and throughput.

SmartSafe Key Features

A key feature of SmartSafe is that customers don’t have to manage anything to do with Database Replication themselves – the service provided by us includes: installation; configuration; initial synchronization; ongoing monitoring; detection and resolution of replication issues; etc.

  • It requires no custom development/scripting
  • It has metadata driven automation, with command line interface for metadata management
  • It uses the same TCP/IP ports as the NPS itself (e.g. 22, 5480), so there is no need for complex firewall rules
  • There is no need to perform any storage management (cluster configuration) on the NPS Hosts – existing mount points used for backups can be automatically detected and reused
  • It is compatible with any desired backup storage or device supported by NPS (e.g. SAN, NFS, GPFS, Tivoli, EMC Networker, Symantec/Veritas NetBackup)
  • Replication is multi-master, by database (i.e. one single NPS could be both the source of one replicated database and the target of another replication set at the same time)
  • Source databases can be restored using a different name on each target, and can be replicated to multiple targets
  • Optional filters can be applied to the data being restored if only a subset of the source data needs to be replicated (e.g. in the event of the secondary system not having sufficient capacity to store a copy of all the data on the source)
  • All management of DR, backups, and other administrative tasks, is performed outside of the Host NPS environment, to minimise the impact of such activities on other database users, and to ensure such processes do not require access to privileged user credentials
  • Replication failures do not affect PDA operations, and are recoverable at any subsequent point in time

SmartSecure Active Directory Synchronization


SmartSecure allows you to synchronise your Netezza system’s user hierarchy with your LDAP/Active Directory. Using a dynamic map that the Netezza DBA maintains, the organisation unit groups that are defined on the LDAP server are automatically created on the Netezza database(s), and all of the permissions associated with those groups in the map are automatically assigned to the groups. When a user leaves the organisation or is added to or removed from other groups, these changes dynamically trickle feed down to the database user level.

SmartSecure Key Features

  • Dynamic creation/dropping of database users and groups based on synchronized Active Directory/LDAP master data
  • Automatic addition/removal of users to/from groups, as well as granting/revoking of permissions to/from groups

SmartSecure Advanced Security Features

  • Provides row and column-level access control security model for both users and groups
  • Dynamically creates views that automatically either reveal or obscure secure row/column values when queried, depending on the user performing the query, the permission groups they belong to, and the contents of the column-level access control security model
  • Automatically rebuilds or drops views when the underlying base table’s schema changes or is dropped
  • Automatically re-synchronizes column-level user/group permissions with LDAP master
  • Assists with the management and application of security levels, categories, and cohort security labels
  • Dynamically builds row secure tables, and applies security labels to their contents, based on parameter settings and configurable matching rules

SmartSure Netezza Housekeeping Utility


SmartSure automates many Netezza housekeeping tasks to help keep your system operating at peak performance with minimal manual intervention.

SmartSure Key Features

  • Dynamically generates, schedules, executes, and logs a variety of system management tasks essential for consistently optimal query performance
  • GROOMS versions of altered tables, as well as changed/deleted rows in the most performant way. Automatically detects when RECORDS ALL is needed e.g. as a result of a changed ORGANIZE ON setting
  • Generates statistics for only the tables whose contents have changed since the last time it was run
  • Disconnects idle sessions outside of permitted hours of service and performs online vacuums against the system catalog host database. Can also optionally schedule a service window for periodic ‘manual’ vacuums

Further Information

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