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Are you looking for an alternative to Netezza? With a high level of compatibility with Netezza, Yellowbrick will run your data consistently across clouds and on-prem. Yellowbrick Data Warehouse powers your most demanding analytics workloads while delivering freedom, flexibility, and control over your data. Smart Associates is partnering with Yellowbrick to facilitate a seamless migration and super-fast data reconciliation with our Smart Data Frameworks product.

A modern enterprise cloud data warehouse

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is an elastic, massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that runs on-premises, in the cloud, and at the network edge. It was designed for the most demanding batch, real-time, ad hoc, and mixed workloads and can run complex queries at up to petabyte-scale with sub-second response times. Yellowbrick is proven, providing business-critical services at many large global enterprises with thousands of concurrent users. It is available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud as well as on-premises.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

Elasticity in your cloud account

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse runs in your cloud account without data ever leaving your network to an external SaaS provider. This eliminates compliance and security risks. Running costs are lowered by paying for the cloud infrastructure (both storage and compute) using your own enterprise cloud agreements.

Yellowbrick Logical Architecture

In an industry-first, full SQL-driven elasticity with separate storage and compute is available within your own cloud account as well as on-premises. Compute resources – elastic, virtual compute clusters (VCCs) – are created, resized, and dropped on-demand through SQL, and cache data persisted on shared cloud object storage. For example, ad-hoc users can be routed to one cluster, business-critical users to a second cluster, and more clusters created and dropped on demand for ETL processing.

Each data warehouse instance runs completely independently of one another. There is no single point of failure or metadata shared across instances. Global outages – when deployed with replication across multiple public clouds and/or on-premises – are impossible.

Yellowbrick is secure by default with no external network access to your database instance. Encryption of data at rest is standard with keys you manage. Columnar encryption, granular role-based access control, column masking, OAuth2, Active Directory, and Kerberos authentication are built in. Integrations with best-in-class enterprise data protection solutions secure PII data. Enterprise-class high availability, backups for data retention, and asynchronous replication for disaster recovery are standard.

Simple and Predictable Pricing

No more surprise bills with transparent and consistent pricing.

Yellowbrick supports both on-demand and subscription-based pricing. All pricing is based on consumption of vCPUs for compute; they do not charge for storage since data is persisted on object storage in your own cloud account. On-demand pricing caters to short-term burst needs and is billed monthly in arrears without credits. Subscription pricing is predictable, works across cloud and on-premises, and allows efficient acquisition of capacity that you know you’ll need. Models can be mixed and matched to meet business objectives.

Designed for Performance

Time is money. Faster answers = less compute spend

Yellowbrick was conceived with the goal of optimizing price/performance. The storage engine is a hybrid column and row store: Most data is persisted in the column store while the row store supports real-time streaming ingest of hundreds of thousands of records per second from CDC tools and Kafka. Yellowbrick’s patented Direct Data Path Architecture is an OS bypass technology enabling in-memory analytics performance at petabyte-scale without requiring a typical database buffer cache – leading to more predictable response times and massive cost reductions.

Get started with Yellowbrick almost immediately

Yellowbrick requires very little tuning and configuration and for those already familiar with PostgreSQL or massively parallel processing platforms derived from it (such as Netezza, GreenPlum, ParAccel/Amazon Redshift, etc), there’s no need for more than a day’s orientation to get up to speed with the platform.

Improvements beyond other data warehouse systems make your day-to-day life easier include:

  • Applications and databases run at top speed with superior concurrent and mixed workload support
  • DBAs no longer need to groom or vacuum tables
  • Statistics are automatically gathered and kept up-to-date
  • Scale compute and storage capacity incrementally simply by adding more blades
  • Size your environment based on your initial storage needs instead of estimating what you need five years from now

Migrate your data in rapid time

Use Smart Data Frameworks to manage your data warehouse migration and integration to take out cost, risk and effort, and to ensure an optimum result for your business today.

Get expert assistance from Smart Associates with the Lift ’n’ Shift Data Warehouse Migration Services to scope and plan your migration, as part of a Proof of Concept, or to migrate your schema, data, application logic, ecosystem tools and users.


4-Part Webinar Series

The Yellowbrick Road to Data Warehouse Modernization

A four-part webinar series exploring how Smart Associates can help Netezza customers looking for an alternative data warehouse platform discover the value, simplicity, and performance of Yellowbrick.

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Huw Ringer
Smart Associates

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Umair Waheed
Technical Product Marketing

Episode 1: Get Fit: A Netezza Customer Journey
March 30, 12PM ET

Whether you’re still in love with your Netezza database; in despair at trying to find an alternative; frustrated at the time, cost, and effort of migrating to another platform; or fearful of what will happen when IBM stops supporting your system – this webinar is the first in a series that aims to show how Smart Associates in partnership with Yellowbrick can provide relief in the short term and hope for the future, to help you feel good again about your database choice.

Episode 2: Value Drivers in Data Warehouse Selection
April 6, 12PM ET

There are many different aspects of value to consider when selecting an alternative data warehousing platform. This second webinar in the series explores the effects that different factors such as simplification, performance, flexibility, and modernization can have on the value that Yellowbrick can add to an organization, beyond just its competitive on demand and subscription pricing models.

Episode 3: The Benefits of Simplicity in Data Warehouse Architecture
April 13, 12PM ET

Simplicity has a direct and lasting effect on the usefulness, operational cost, difficulty, and productivity of all the different users of and use cases for an analytic database platform. In this third webinar of the series, we explore how Yellowbrick’s simplicity can benefit different roles, functions, and applications within an organization – from administrators to developers and business users; from security to systems integration and migration.

Episode 4: Data Warehouse Performance Matters
April 20, 12PM ET

In the final webinar of the series, we discuss why performance matters and how Yellowbrick is able to dramatically outperform its competitors – both on-premises and in the cloud. We don’t expect you to believe this without seeing it for yourself, so we end by describing the end to end Proof of Concept process, and how Smart Associates can help customers create a Yellowbrick environment, migrate data, and start getting results in a matter of days.

LinkedIn Live Event 31st January 2023

Further Information

We have given careful consideration to the alternatives available to those organisations considering the replacement of their Netezza systems. Read why we think Yellowbrick is likely to be the best choice here.

If you are interested in hearing more, contact us here.