Keep abreast of the health and performance of your Netezza system with the Smart Health Check Service - offered to our Virtual DBA and Netezza End-of-Life Support Service customers.

What is the Smart Health Check Service?

The performance of your Netezza system is impacted by a number of factors that will often not be apparent from the output of command line utilities such as nzhealthcheck and nzskew. We combine our 30+ years of experience supporting Netezza with additional diagnostics and analysis to determine not just what problems are lurking undetected, but also how to remedy them, all as part of the Virtual DBA service.


  • The Smart Health Check service offers diagnostic reporting for your Netezza system and a program of follow-up activities to rectify any issues found, and to ensure that your system stays healthy.
  • With the data that you give us access to, our Netezza engineers can analyse the system and database performance and overall health.
  • Your report contains:
    • A system audit showing how up to date your software is across all 3 components of your Netezza system: NPS, HPF and FDT, with recommendations for remediation. This is crucial for ensuring that any future hardware problems will not be exacerbated by dated firmware. To this end it is important that customers download all available Netezza upgrades prior to their IBM support ending.
    • An analysis of any hardware issues identified with recommendations for remediation.
    • An analysis of the health of your Netezza databases showing database growth trends, groom state and skew.
    • Insights into the performance of your system.
  • A monthly report provided to Virtual DBA customers tracks remediation actions and shows system and database health and performance trends.
  • Regular reviews with key technical personnel.

Holistic Approach to Netezza Health

A holistic approach to managing the health of your Netezza system

Further Information

Download the Smart Health Check Service brochure here.

Download an example Smart Health Check report here.

If you would like more information, contact us here and we'll get in touch.