Netezza After Life Support

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Why Choose Smart Associates to Extend the Life of your Netezza Appliances

  • All our support engineers are ex-IBM Netezza Support
  • We can provide software-only support, or software plus on-site hardware replacement cover
  • We offer flat rate pricing with volume, size and non-production discounts available
  • Our ticketing system integrates with your Netezza nzevent alerts for instant response to incidents
  • Our service is Global

Flexible Pricing

We offer straightforward, flexible pricing options to suit your business requirements:

  • A flat rate per supported system, regardless of age
  • Level of cover from office hours to 24x7
  • Discounts for volume, size and non-production systems

Ongoing Remote Netezza Support

Whether you have a Netezza-related question, or need assistance with a problem, we give you access to our Netezza experts and help desk ticketing system up to 24 hours a day. Most problems that occur will trigger a ticket automatically as a result of our ticketing system integrating with your Netezza nzevent alerts and these are escalated immediately to our support engineers.

Ongoing Hardware Support

For replacement components that are still available on the market, we can provide a local on-site ‘spares kit’ so the parts are available if/when you need them.

For parts that are no longer manufactured, we have a network of customers we are supporting and helping to replace their old Netezza systems which potentially can be cannibalised for ‘second hand’ spare parts on a cost + shipping basis if required.

We can also teach you how to physically swap and configure replacement components yourselves (so the system can utilise them - Netezza will only recognise specific models and serial number ranges of parts), and provide remote assistance should you run into any issues whilst doing so.

Comprehensive Netezza Support Training

We can provide training to your team in the following topics. You will have access to a live instructor with extensive Netezza hardware support experience, and in remote sessions scheduled at your convenience:

  • System overview: Hardware/software architecture. Boot process walkthrough. Partition (dataslice) understanding. NPS management commands. Backup and restore.
  • Cluster overview: Failover/ failback/standalone mode/ maintenance mode. Host health review (understanding DSA logs, system logs). IMM setup. HPF walkthrough. Host platform principals
  • NPS analytic components: Initial diagnostics/logs collection. AMM login/logs. Determining if issue is hardware or software related (finding core files, explaining reasons for core generation).
  • nzhealthcheck
  • RHEL/HPF upgrade
  • FDT upgrade
  • Replacing online components: host disks; spu disks; AMM; PSUs (enclosure, host, H-Chassis); media tray
  • Replacing offline components: ESM; Host planar; blade DAC, HBA, planar; Host raid controller, planar; RPCs; Switches SAS, GIG

Netezza End of Support Information

End-of-support (EOS) dates for all Netezza / IBM PureData analytics appliance have been reached, which means IBM will no longer be providing hardware or software product support for them, even if a customer wishes to continue using their purchased appliances.

Netezza Skimmer Gen 1, Twinfin and Striper models passed their EOS date in June 2019.

Netezza Skimmer Gen 2 models passed their EOS date in June 2020.

Netezza Mako models passed their EOS date in April 2023.

It is important to note that IBM is NOT offering an extended support service for for Skimmer, Twinfin, Striper appliances. However, Smart Associates IS providing an extended support service for all Netezza / IBM PureData appliances.

For more information on the EOS dates for all Netezza Appliances, click here.

For a quote, or simply to find out more about our Netezza End-of-Life Support Service, click here.