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Some models of IBM®’s Pure Data™ for Analytics (aka Netezza) systems have reached their end of life, which means IBM will no longer support them, even if a customer wishes to continue using their purchased appliances.

As we used to be part of the global Netezza support team, we can continue to provide software and hardware support for your appliances while you plan the transition to a replacement platform.


Choose the period of cover you require, pay a fixed monthly fee per system (small system and non-production discounts available), and we’ll give you access to our expert resources and help desk ticketing system up to 24 hours a day to answer any Netezza-related questions you may have and provide remote assistance if necessary to help get you through any problems you may encounter (although please note we can’t fix bugs in the existing Netezza software).


Examples of in-scope activities for the support service at no additional cost to customers include:
  • system event alert notification integration with our ticketing system;
  • health checks (typically performed either monthly or quarterly according to customer need) and remediation plan recommendations;
  • hardware, software, performance, or workload management problem investigation, determination, and recommendations;
  • best practise guidelines and advice in response to technical questions;
  • housekeeping activities, and software/firmware upgrades (which must have been previously downloaded from IBM prior to service commencement)


The effort involved in diagnosing hardware issues, and remotely assisting with the installation and configuration of replacement parts is included in the service.

We can also optionally help customers who want to swap out failed parts themselves to procure replacement parts either ‘on demand’ or in advance.

Finally, we can also provide a comprehensive all-inclusive on-site hardware replacement option for a fixed price for customers who want to outsource the entire process.


If you need any help migrating from Netezza to an alternative platform - whether that be IBM’s on-prem or cloud-based Netezza Performance Server, Yellowbrick, or anything else for that matter - we can help with this too, via our separate Lift 'n' Shift Migration Service.

We take the time, cost, and risk out of such migrations via reusable assets like:

  • Migration scoping effort estimation framework
  • Reusable Project Plans and Agile Jira Boards
  • Shared team communication via dedicated Slack channel
  • Automated DDL conversion, data migration, and reconciliation tools
  • Comprehensive dress rehearsal and go-live run sheets


In order for us to provide you with a detailed quote please complete the online form and we’ll get in touch to discuss your precise requirements and how we can help.

Lift n Shift

To download the brochure, click here or if you want more information, you can contact us here.