Smart System Management for Netezza

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What is Smart System Management for Netezza?

Smart System Management automates many Netezza housekeeping tasks to help keep your system operating at peak performance with minimal manual intervention.

With Smart System Management, users can avoid the bad experience of persistent performance bottlenecks that result from stale statistics, bloated system catalogs, or from a large excess of changed rows and tables that are not being regularly and systematically groomed.

It also lessens the time and effort that DBAs need to allocate for routine, yet very important, work duties, and frees up their time for higher value-add development activities.

For business users, Smart System Management includes the Smart Governance utility that helps the business ensure that a company’s security policies are being strictly enforced by the DBAs.

Key Features


By interrogating system tables, Supergroom Identifies which objects have been modified in the last 'n' (configurable) number of days and performs a selective grooming operation.

It also checks if groom/genstats have been run yet against the changed tables since they were last updated. If not, the identified tables will have a groom and genstats performed.

  • Takes less time than manual grooming
  • Frees up more capacity/space
  • Doesn't interrupt/delay replication processes for hours
  • Makes queries go faster (due to updated statistics being available to the optimizer, and less rows having to be read off disk and later thrown away due to them being old versions of updated/deleted records)
  • Is fully customisable/automated
  • Maintains an internal audit log of operations performed

Smart Governance

With Smart Governance, customers can monitor the database access controls, or permissions, that have already been implemented, as well as being able to check if someone is trying to do things they shouldn’t be doing.

The tool allows customers to define what database activities they want to be detected and reported on.

It is a flexible framework that uses configurable parameters to customise these events, their frequency, and method of alerting. To detect that a criterion has been met, it interrogates system tables and logs. The timing of the alerts, which can be via email or a messaging app, will depend on how frequently the system tables are updated but can occur in near real time.

Alerts can be directed to DBAs, and/or to any manager such as the Chief Security Officer or their team to ensure that the appropriate follow-up actions are taken.

Further Information

For more information on the Smart Governance Utility, click here.

Download the Smart Management Frameworks brochure here.

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