Smart System Management for Netezza

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What is Smart System Management for Netezza?

Smart System Management automates many Netezza housekeeping tasks to help keep your system operating at peak performance with minimal manual intervention.

With Smart System Management, users can avoid the bad experience of persistent performance bottlenecks that result from stale statistics, bloated system catalogs, or from a large excess of changed rows and tables that are not being regularly and systematically groomed.

It also lessens the time and effort that DBAs need to allocate for routine, yet very important, work duties, and frees up their time for higher value-add development activities.

Smart System Management Modules


Automatically detects which database objects are in need of statistics collection, reorganisation, or grooming in order to improve query performance, and then performs only the operations that are necessary against only the objects that need it to reduce overall system maintenance overhead.

Key Benefits
  • Considerably less time, effort, and cost than manual
  • Frees up more system capacity/space
  • Doesn't interrupt/delay other processes for hours
  • Improves query performance
  • Is fully customisable/automated
  • Maintains an internal audit log of operations performed


Automatically monitors all database query activity and produces alert notifications if it detects that any custom data governance rules have been violated.

Key Features

  • Flexible framework that uses configurable parameters to customise which events and database activities to monitor, their frequency, and method of alerting
  • Alerts can be directed to DBAs, and/or to any manager such as the Chief Security Officer or their team to ensure that the appropriate follow-up actions are taken


Automatically deletes, aggregates, or obfuscates any data according to customisable, flexible, and granular criteria.

Key Benefits:
  • Helps ensure compliance with data protection legislation
  • Reduces waste whilst increasing storage capacity, providing a longer and better return on investment
  • Faster, easier, cheaper, and more reliable than creating custom ETL logic manually
  • Obfuscation is one-way (i.e. can’t be reversed) and consistent (using hashing), which enables related records to still be matched, even if personally identifiable information isn’t visible.
  • Preserves valuable historical trend information
  • Improves data security and reduces attack vector footprint

Further Information

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