Guided Tour of Smart Data Frameworks Migration Wizard - Teradata to Snowflake

Smart Data Frameworks is an off the shelf solution for enterprises looking to migrate between almost any database platform to almost any other database platform. It has been developed to allow faster, cheaper and better data integration with rapid return on investment.

This is the second demonstration of the use of the migration wizard. In the first, we demonstrated migrating from a SQL server database to a DashDB/DB2 database, and in this one we demonstrate a migration from a Teradata database to a Snowflake database.

Different databases have different hierarchies of objects. Teradata, for example, doesn’t have schemas and DB2 Warehouse doesn’t support different databases, it peculiarly has one hardcoded Database (bluDB). The migration wizard accommodates these differences and all the user has to do is to create the correct mappings.

The workflow of the migration wizard is quite simple, allowing non-data migration experts to navigate their way through the whole process with help prompts.

SDF Database Matrix

Almost any database platform to almost any database platform

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