Guided Tour of Smart Data Frameworks Migration Dashboard - SQL Server to DB2

Smart Data Frameworks facilitates rapid, stress free migrations between all major database platforms.

It is a flatpack application, using container technology. It contains a number of pre-installed software components. It comes in 2 parts – an open source UI and a commercial overlay, the ETL framework.

The user interface facilitates interactive error handling and recovery and is a hands-on tool for migrating data. The ETL framework comprises the migration wizard and the migration dashboard with richer functionality for setting up and running complex data migrations automatically.

In this video we continue the migration from a SQL Server database to a DashDB/DB2 database using the SMF Migration Dashboard.

The Migration Dashboard is what you’d use after initially using the migration wizard. So using the wizard you will set up all the jobs and the metadata and thereafter the generated metadata will drive the migration dashboard.

In the dashboard you will see all your tables and their associated jobs, and their statuses. Here you can put tables on hold or change their status. You can filter on different statuses. You can switch to the ETL jobs from the dashboard to make changes, and you can open the ETL monitor to see logs.

You also do MD5 validation from here, so you can drill down into any data validation issue and also troubleshoot migration issues.

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