Guided Tour of Smart Data Frameworks ELT Builder

Smart Data Frameworks is an off the shelf solution for enterprises looking to reduce the risk and therefore the stress out of data migrations. Migrate between almost any database platform to almost any other. The core functionality is open source, with a commercial component that comprises powerful wizards that enable faster, cheaper and better data migrations and many other data integration tasks.

In this video we explore the functionality of the SDF ELT Builder.

You will see how to:

  • Use templates
  • Package your work to JSON so that it can be added to GIT or moved to another environment.
  • Work with classes, tokens, big-query templates
  • Use the data cop feature
  • Work with jobs
  • Configure the job steps
  • Work with iterators
  • Create notes
  • Work with configuration records
  • Understand behaviour flags
  • Configure the harvest feature
  • Work with logs

After you've watched the video, if you have any questions, contact us for further information.