Guided Tour of Smart Data Frameworks DB Browser

Smart Data Frameworks is an off the shelf solution for enterprises looking to migrate between almost any database platform to almost any other database platform. Its core functionality is open source, with a commercial overlay for businesses wishing to undertake faster, cheaper and better data migrations using powerful wizards.

In this video we explore the functionality of the DB Browser.

The DB Browser allows you to browse the contents of any database you have set up via the Configuration Manager.

Once you log in, the DB Browser is the top screen. Along the top of the right pane are tabs for your saved work.Your work is reloaded each time you load the application, having saved all your queries to your local file system. You can choose to automatically open your connections on startup.

The DB Browser includes the full range of functions that you will be familiar with on other DB browsers. The video shows you how to use the following features:

  • Auto-refresh for running queries repeatedly at chosen intervals. This is useful for DBAs wishing to keep an eye on active queries on multiple tabs.
  • Export query results
  • Tool tips
  • Import text files
  • Add database connections
  • Manage schemas & tables

Plus plenty more.

After you've watched the video, if you have any questions, contact us for further information.