Guided Tour of Smart Data Frameworks Data Loader

If you are looking for a data migration tool that does all the heavy lifting for you, look no further than Smart Data Frameworks. This off the shelf solution allows you to migrate between almost any database platform to almost any other database platform. Its core functionality is open source, and it has a commercial overlay for businesses wishing to undertake faster, cheaper and better data migrations using powerful wizards.

In this video we explore the functionality of the Data Loader.

The Data Loader is a module of the core open-source SDF product, used for once-off data loads and generation of ETL load jobs, so it is a front-end for generating data.

It comes with a number of features to assist you in generating data for testing, for setting up ELT jobs and for problem-solving data issues during your iterative testing. After you've watched the video, if you have any questions, contact us for further information.