Guided Tour of Smart Data Frameworks Configuration Manager

Smart Data Frameworks is an ideal tool for enterprises and individuals looking to migrate large datasets between database platforms in a simple, safe manner. In the open source project you will find a stack of user friendly modules, supplemented by a commercial overlay comprising powerful wizards that enable faster, cheaper and better data migrations and a host of other data integration tasks.

In this video we investigate the Configuration Manager.

The Configuration Manager is for managing your database connections and other non-database type connections that can perform API actions. Some database types have more than one method for connecting with different driver options, so you can set up both.

See how to use the Configuration Manager to set up:

  • A DBD proxy, which is a way of using another computer as a proxy driver server.
  • Dynamic Tunneling.
  • Multiple SSH connections.

The Configuration Manager comes with a typical set of features for this type of utility, such as versioning and testing connections

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