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Enabling Netezza's Machine Learning Capabilities

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Automated machine learning is becoming a must-have Business Intelligence skill and Netezza has built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) which we can install and configure for companies wanting to leverage this capability.

Here is a very interesting article that we read this week in Forbes about how automated machine learning is becoming a must-have Business Intelligence skill.

The article explores how the business intelligence (BI) landscape has changed. Whereas BI analysts have traditionally used visualisation and analytics tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and even Excel, there are now many more options. Analytics tools are rapidly evolving, as will BI analysts need to if they want to keep up with industry advancements. In particular, predictive analytics, which used to be regarded as the domain of more technical employees, has advanced. Nowadays automated no-code machine learning (AutoML) tools mean that AI can be deployed by anyone.

You only have to look at BI Analyst jobs being advertised to see that many now ask for Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills as companies want people who can deploy predictive models, which are of more immediate value to the company, instead of passive analytics-like dashboards.

In our field, we have an immediate example of this. Netezza's machine learning and AI analytics processes (via the free INZA add on) can be pushed down to where the data is, without having to move it anywhere else first. It’s not automated, but it does support R-Studio and in-engine R-Project.

Customers that want to leverage this capability should get in touch with us - we can install and configure these modules as part of our Netezza managed service offerings.

For more information feel free to contact us.

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