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How to convert IBM CP4D Virtual Box to VMware vSphere /ESXi and Upgrade it to NPS v11.2.1.4

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  1. Make sure you have enough space on your PC (around 70Gb)

  2. Download the emulator.

  3. Download virtual box and import OVA.

  4. Export to {Select the virtual machine} -> Go to main menu -> File -> Export appliance. Make sure Format is “Open virtualization format 1.0“.

    VMware convert stage 1

    Note: It can take some time (with NVME drives took 1 hour)

  5. Launch VM Ware Player and import OVA.

    VMware convert stage 2

    N.B. You will get warnings – simply ignore – click retry. Import also will take some time.

  6. Edit vmx file and change virtual HW version: virtualhw.version = "12".

  7. Upload all files to ESXI (enable ‘sshd’ in services first) into VM directory.

    VMware convert stage 3
  8. Import virtual machine. And then convert disk with:

    vmkfstools -i /vmfs/volumes/datastore1\ \(3\)/CP4D\ 2.X/CP4D2X-disk1.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/datastore1\ \(3\)/CP4D\ 2.X/CP4D2X-disk1-proper.vmdk`
  9. In ESXi add existing disk and remove old one.

  10. Enable hardware assisted virtualization as below:

    VMware convert stage 4
  11. Power on VM. We almost have CP4D NPS ready in ESXi (remove additional network card if it appears).

  12. Launch terminal and run:

    sudo su –
    systemctl set-default

and note ip address (ifconfig)

  1. Reboot

From here we are going to run everything in terminal.

  1. The default install doesn’t create enough space, neither does /nz partition… we need to increase it manually by removing some from /home.

  2. As nz: (if system is started). nzstop

  3. As root:

    mkdir /tmp/homebackup
    yes | cp -pr /home/* /tmp/homebackup/
    umount /home
    lvremove /dev/centos/home
    lvcreate -L 10G -n home centos
    mkfs.xfs /dev/mapper/centos-home
    mount -a
    cp -pr /tmp/homebackup/* /home/
    lvcreate -l 100%FREE -n nz centos
    mkfs.xfs /dev/mapper/centos-nz
    mount /dev/mapper/centos-nz /mnt/
    cp -pr /nz/* /mnt/
    rm -rf /nz
    echo "/dev/mapper/centos-nz /nz                       xfs     defaults        0 0" >> /etc/fstab
    mount -a
    chown nz:nz /nz
    su – nz

Outputs of system commands should be as following:

[nz@localhost ~]$ nzrev
Release [Build 30]
[nz@localhost ~]$ nzstate
System state is 'Online'

Now let’s upgrade.

  1. Go to Fix Central Fix Central

  2. From upgrade packages extract NPS application files:

  3. Upload those to the VM.

  4. Run, as root:

    chmod +x unpack
    rm -rf /nz/kit
    ln -s /nz/kit. /nz/kit
    chown nz:nz /nz/kit -R
    su – nz
    nzrev (should show
    nzinitsystem -reinit
    mkdir /nz/kit/sbin/vspu
    cp /nz/kit. /nz/kit.
    nzstart -newSystem

Voila! With those few easy steps you are now running upgraded NPS in version

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