SmartSure Housekeeping Utility for Netezza

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What is SmartSure Housekeeping Utility for Netezza?

SmartSure automates many Netezza housekeeping tasks to help keep your system operating at peak performance with minimal manual intervention.

With SmartSure, users can avoid the bad experience of persistent performance bottlenecks that result from stale statistics, bloated system catalogs, or from a large excess of changed rows and tables that are not being regularly and systematically groomed.

It also lessens the time and effort that DBAs need to allocate for routine, yet very important, work duties, and frees up their time for higher value-add development activities.

Key Features

SmartSure dynamically generates, schedules, executes, and logs a variety of system management tasks essential for consistently optimal query performance:

  • GROOMS* versions of altered tables, as well as changed/ deleted rows in the most performant way. Automatically detects when RECORDS ALL (ie to reclaim and reorganize all records in a table) is needed, for example as a result of a changed ORGANIZE ON setting
  • Generates statistics for only the tables whose contents have changed since the last time it was run
  • Disconnects idle sessions outside of permitted hours of service and performs online vacuums against the system catalog host database
  • Can also optionally schedule a service window for periodic ‘manual’ vacuums

* GROOM TABLE is used to remove outdated and deleted records from tables, and reclaim disk space. It can also reorganize tables that are based on the clustered base table organizing keys.

Further Information

Download the Smart Management Frameworks brochure here.

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