Now is perfect time to move from Netezza to the IBM Integrated Analytics System

Now is perfect time to move from Netezza to the IBM Integrated Analytics System

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  • The upgrade from IIAS to Netezza is designed to be a low-risk, easy transition
  • IIAS is built to be a hybrid-ready, high performance solution
  • It provides app portability, scaling options, and machine learning capabilities
  • Benefits may include improved time-tomarket and more personalized customer experiences among others

In the last few years, we’ve seen a rapid evolution from traditional on-premises data warehouses to a world embracing big data, driving new levels of data science and and machine learning. Failure to quickly adopt these new technologies will result in your business falling behind the competition.

The IBM® Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) is your bridge into this new hybrid world, with built-in capabilities to help your business quickly scale. Confidently adopt emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, social and cloud. With IIAS, you can maintain your mission-critical SLAs, security, low-cost and the simplicity that only an appliance can offer.

The IBM Integrated Analytics System is a purpose-built appliance for data warehousing and analytics. It features new capabilities, such as integrated machine learning through the IBM Data Science Experience and hybrid clouds. As an integrated software and hardware platform, IIAS is shipped as a single performance-optimized system for data warehousing and analytics, which can be data load-ready within hours of arriving at your data center.


We have your upgrade from Netezza to IIAS covered

IIAS has made upgrading a low-risk and easy proposition:

  • Netezza application portability: Run your existing Netezza® application with little or no change. Most customers will achieve up to 90 – 95 percent compatibility. IBM offers tools to help address and convert any incompatibilities.
  • Consulting: For existing Netezza customers, Smart Associates has subject matter experts offering guidance for your move from Netezza to IIAS.
  • Upgrade services: For existing Netezza customers who want hands-on-keyboard help, Smart Associates offers scope services specializing in upgrading from Netezza to IIAS. Experts work with you from planning through testing and acceptance.

Key capabilities of IIAS

  • High performance and petabyte-level scalability: With BLU columnar technology and the flash storage standard, the IIAS off ers the best-in-class price and performance. IIAS uses IBM Power System™ and IBM FlashSystem® to improve reliability and performance.
  • Netezza application portability: The only native compatibility for Netezza, offering instant cloud extension.
  • IBM Data Science Experience: Embedded Apache Spark processing connects to your data where it resides, eliminating the need for time-consuming movement and transformation of data to other systems. You can also collaboratively analyse data, train, persist and score machine learning models.
  • Hybrid cloud-ready: The IBM Common SQL Engine enables workload portability and skill sharing across public and private clouds and Hadoop, embracing a “write once, run anywhere” philosophy.
  • Options to Scale: Expand compute and storage capacity independently to meet workload demands.

With IIAS you can:

  • Achieve operational excellence by creating a logical data warehouse using Hadoop, data marts, and so forth. Provide a unifi ed view of your data on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Personalize your customer’s experience in real-time by using internal data and advanced analytics.
  • Improve time-to-market for new products using embedded machine learning to deliver faster insights to your data scientist, analysts and developers.
  • Deliver requested workloads to your users quicker with a system that loads data faster, and that requires little or no tuning and configuration.

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