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Is The Coronavirus Affecting Your Netezza Appliance?

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We are currently witnessing a global crisis that may lead to many businesses delaying the rolling out of new technologies, including replacing their ageing data warehouse platforms, such as IBM’s Netezza.

Where you may have been retraining your technical staff and preparing your data centers, anticipating the new arrival, many organizations are finding they must now stand down their staff and put everything on hold until the covid-19 crisis has blown over.

The problem is that nobody knows how long it will take or what the commercial implications of the crisis are.

What are the Impacts of Coronavirus on your Netezza appliance?

What happens if your organization decides the best course of action is to continue to run your Netezza appliances?

  • Firstly, the opportunity to train your staff in that technology has diminished – there fewer, if any, IBM Netezza courses being run.
  • Secondly, the supply of skilled resources in the job market is drying up as Netezza disappears
  • Thirdly, the risks associated with hardware failure increase as you approach the end of support date

In summary, your ability to keep your Netezza platform running is at risk. It’s like you are approaching a cliff edge when you had expected to see an empty road ahead of you.

Reasons to Defer

When IBM announced it was ending their support for Netezza, we recognized that many customers were not yet ready to select an alternative platform.

This may be because they continued to experience significant business benefit with their existing Netezza appliances - like a well-serviced prestige car that has a lot of life left in it when cheaper models would need replacing.

Other customers may have not yet made up their minds and needed more time to do so. Now there is the spectre of projects grinding to a halt whereby customers who were on the road to replacing their data warehouse will have to prolong the life of their existing Netezza appliances.

The Perfect Solution

Smart Associates can help you solve this problem.

Whether it be for a month or a year, you can continue to use your IBM Netezza system, and we will provide an ongoing IBM Netezza hardware and product support service comparable to IBM’s (we used to be part of the global Netezza support team). 

We have flexible pricing and you decide what coverage you need. You won’t have to worry about having the right skills, or what happens if you experience a hardware failure. We would have your back.

If you’d like to know more, why not contact us.

With Smart Associates, you’re in expert hands!

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