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Can You Get Spare Mako Parts After IBM End of Support (EOS) ?

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Many prospective clients we have spoken to recently have been worried because they’ve been told that there are no spare parts to be had anywhere for their Mako systems that are going out of support on April 30th, 2023. The implication is that there is no time to consider their options, they should act now and upgrade to Netezza on the Cloud Pak for Data platform or risk running a system that cannot be repaired if it breaks.

The good news is that this is simply not true. Although IBM stopped selling new Mako systems back in 2019, the System X architecture they are based on is used in many other products and so new/used replacement parts have been quite widely available from third-party specialist suppliers.

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This stockpile will not magically disappear on 10th April. We are not going to see truckloads of Mako components destined for huge bonfires or to a boneyard in the Nevada desert. Rather, as for all previous Netezza models, the supply of spare parts that exists on 10th April will continue to circulate on the secondary market for years to come as the number of Mako systems in service diminishes.

Of course, it is inevitable that all legacy Netezza customers will sooner or later migrate to another platform, whether it be to Netezza CP4DS 2+, Hammerhead or another technology such as Yellowbrick. These decisions can be years in the making and decision makers should not feel pressured by the fear that their existing system can’t be adequately supported. Smart Associates provides an ongoing Netezza after life support service to many customers around the world, which includes hardware support though our network of technology partners, allowing customers to buy time to make that important decision.

Smart Health Check If you are a Mako customer, or still running an older Netezza appliance, it may be helpful to know just how much life is left in your system. To that end we are offering an obligation-free Smart health check report to all Netezza customers. This report identifies any system software and hardware issues that may be affecting the performance of your system as well as analyzing the health of your Netezza databases. This information can help you to restore your system to peak performance and buy yourself time whilst you consider your longer-term options.

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