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IBM Cloud Highway
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There’s a sense of déjà vu with the recent announcement of the release of Cloud Pak for Data System (CP4DS) (a.k.a Hammerhead). It has all the signs of a capitulation on the part of IBM to customers who want to continue with the idea of Netezza being a stand-alone appliance, and not have to share CPU resources with other components in a hyperconverged architecture.

Apples v oranges
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Netezza Performance Server version 11.2.2 now includes Replication Services. Although at first glance this sounds very similar to what our Smart Database Replication product also does, in fact there are many points of differentiation between the two offerings that customers should be aware of before deciding which is the best approach for them. Let’s explore some of these.

Rubic Cube Team
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IBM’s Netezza Performance Server systems are incredibly fault tolerant and are known to require far less effort to administer than a traditional RDBMS. This can, however, lead to a false sense of security, and so when DBA resourcing levels are reviewed, some businesses will attempt to reduce costs by handing over the day to day running of Netezza to a non-specialist team. But is this a good idea?

IBM Cloud Pak for Data
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In this blog we’ll take a broader look at IBM’s integrated cloud data platform that makes it easy to deploy, scale, manage and stitch together cloud databases with analytics and AI services across IBM Cloud and 3rd party public cloud vendors, underpinned by Red Hat OpenShift.