If you’re looking for a replacement database system for your existing Netezza data warehouse, you will be aware that time is getting short to make that decision following the withdrawal of IBM’s support for many Early-gen Netezza systems.

As a Netezza user, your company probably relies on the analyses and insights from its data warehouse to drive key decisions and actions for the business. So any replacement, and the transition to it, needs to be done quickly and smoothly, take as little of your internal resource as possible and be completed with minimum disruption and risk. Ideally, you would no doubt like to see improvements to create even greater business benefit.

Whether you need to buy some time to extend support of your existing environment, need help selecting an alternative, or if you’ve already decided on your future state and need assistance migrating to it, we can take time, cost, and risk out of all these options.

Smart Associates is uniquely placed with its combination of the Smart Data Frameworks, Lift ’n’ Shift Data Warehouse Migration Service and knowledge of the various alternative systems on offer. Taken together with our depth of experience and other service offerings, this creates a package that could cover your needs in one stop.

How to choose a replacement for your Netezza system.

So what might be on your shopping list? The following would need to be considered:

So what might be on your shopping list? To see the table, rotate your phone into landscape mode:

1 Decide the target data warehouse system We can help you select the most appropriate replacement system for your needs, either from one of our partners (IBM, Yellowbrick, Snowflake) or from another vendor of your choosing.
2 Develop a migration strategy; build a project plan to accurately estimate the time, cost, resources, tasks & dependencies necessary to deliver the migration successfully; locate resources with the necessary skills & experience We have reusable assets created from many previous successful engagements that can reduce time, effort, cost and risk for your project. These are in the form of migration scoping questionnaires, reusable project plans, a full agile inventory of items such as stories, sprints, backlog, etc., dress rehearsal/go live runsheets, and more. 
 We have a team of highly experienced data consultants and engineers to provide the best available advice as well as hands-on skills, but with our approach of project assets re-use, we eliminate avoidable re-invention to minimise the costs to you.
3 Framework and tools for data migration Our Smart Data Frameworks tool provides the basis for faster, cheaper and better data integration with shorter time to value by automating large parts of the migration tasks, including reconciliation
4 Prove the value, performance and simplicity of the future state platform If required, Smart Associates can work with you to design and implement a Proof of Concept which can be benchmarked against your existing system to provide solution assurance before committing to any decisions
5 Value added services We can provide help to ensure you get the most from your investment with services such as design optimization, performance tuning, workload management, cloud integration, file and delta ingestion, LDAP integration, disaster recovery, permissions management, row and column level security, and others. In our Lift ’n’ Shift Data Migration Service, because we capture everything we’ve learnt into a library of reusable methodologies, tools, and techniques to automate as much of the process as possible in a repeatable way, you get the value of years of retained experience.
6 Training We can provide product-specific training and database skills transfer.
7 Support We can provide pre and post implementation first level product support.

To summarise, we offer a complete end-to-end service from data warehouse selection, through migration to continuing support, that ensures you maximise value and minimise risk for your data migration, and thereafter.

Further Information

For more information, visit our Data Warehousing Solutions page, download the Smart Data Frameworks brochure, download the Lift ’n’ Shift Data Warehouse Migration Services brochure or contact us here.