End-of-Life has passed for TwinFin (N1000) generation Netezza customers

If your business depends on the insights it gains from a Netezza TwinFin (N1000) generation data warehouse, then you will no doubt be aware of the end of life issue and be considering your options now that IBM has ceased to support this platform.

Here’s how we can help:

1. Netezza After-Life Support

You can continue to use your Netezza system, and we will provide an ongoing Netezza hardware and product support service comparable to IBM’s (we used to be part of the global Netezza support team) until you have decided on a more permanent solution.

2. Replacing Netezza

If you have already selected a Netezza replacement, we can reduce the time, cost, and risk of migrating your existing data warehouse to the Netezza replacement platform (whatever it is) by automating large parts of the process, including the reconciliation

3. Migrating from Netezza

If you have decided to migrate away from Netezza but are yet to decide on a new analytics platform, we can help you evaluate and select an appropriate alternative - whether that be from one of our preferred partners including Yellowbrick, Snowflake and IBM, or an alternative vendor of your choosing.