If you are ready to choose a new data warehousing solution for your company, Smart Associates can offer a range of partner products according to your requirements. Each of them have their own particular strengths, and we can work with you to select which is best suited to your requirements and constraints. We have extensive implementation and migration experience with all these products, but we have knowledge of other systems too, and we are happy to assist with your selection if you have a preference for other vendors.

High Performance On-Premise Solution

For a high performance on-premise data warehouse platform, you could look no further than Yellowbrick. With its in-memory processing, query performance is 20 to 200 times of existing systems, and it is PostgreSQL based, making it score highly for compatibility with other platforms such as Netezza. It also has a much denser footprint, taking up much less data centre space than previous systems and providing large savings in power consumption and cooling. Other features of note are the ability to load data from cloud storage providers like AWS and Azure, and sophisticated workload management.

Hybrid Approach to Data Management

IBM's Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) is also an on-premise solution, but with a hybrid approach to data management which enables it via a common SQL engine to provide a view of your data regardless of where it physically sits or whether it’s unstructured or semi-structured data. The system’s built-in data virtualisation service in the common SQL engine helps unify data access across the logical data warehouse allowing you to federate across Db2, Hadoop and even third-party data sources. IBM have also added support for user-defined functions and syntax including INZA that is specific to Netezza. IIAS also unifies data warehouse and advanced analytics with its integrated technologies including Apache Spark processing, and IBM Watson Studio. This means that data scientists can use the system directly for machine learning applications for example, without the need of maintaining the data separately for that purpose.

Totally In-the-Cloud Data Warehousing

If your company prefers to run all of its IT in the cloud, then Snowflake is a solution to consider very seriously. It can be provisioned in either Azure or AWS, with seamless integration to both. A strong feature of Snowflake is its ability to automatically flex and scale dynamically according to demand, for example to meet fluctuating or seasonal workloads. It also has impressive data sharing capabilities, and supports historical "point in time" analysis.

Data Warehousing with Intuitive Analysis

As well as a data warehouse platform, should you also need a solution that allows users to more intuitively analyse the data, ThoughtSpot makes it easy for anyone to get answers from their company data in seconds using a guided search-style interface. It has an ability, with SpotIQ, to automatically ask questions on the users' behalf using machine learning techniques to highlight hot spots in your data that may have been previously undetected. A feature called SearchIQ is the only query or reporting tool that can answer questions through a speech interface. ThoughtSpot stands out from alternative enterprise query tools with superior performance (in memory processing), with a higher level of enterprise security (no copies of data downloaded to user devices), by giving users a simpler and quicker means to become productive, and making it easy to share dashboards and reports with fellow team members.

Complementing these, Smart Associates also provides the Smart Data Frameworks product to take the time, cost and risk out of data migration and integration, plus a range of services allowing you to benefit from the accumulated skills and experience of our data engineers.

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