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JumpStart Training for Netezza®
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JumpStart Training for Netezza®

A custom, on-site training and mentoring program that goes beyond the standard curriculum and prepares your staff for designing, developing, and working in a PureData for Analytics environment
Charles Hunt, UK Principal Consultant


  • Combines formal training materials, practical hands on exercises, and free form interactive whiteboard discussions over an intense 5 day period.
  • Designed to ensure attendees will become productive designing, developing, and working in a Netezza environment, to a sufficient standard in order to pass IBM’s Netezza Platform Software v6 certification test
  • Normally performed on-site, using the customer's own data and systems, to ensure the work performed is not 'throw away' in nature.

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Netezza Architecture - hardware/software components; their responsibilities and interactions; capacities and configurations
  • Database design considerations - schemas, databases, distribution keys, zone maps, clustered base tables, materialized views, sequences, synonyms, migration guidelines
  • Connectivity options - NZAdmin; NZSQL; Performance Portal; 3rd Party SQL reporting and ETL tools; ODBC, JDBC, OLE/DB, drivers

Day 2

  • Data maintenance - NZLOAD utility; external tables; temporary tables; CTAS; GROOM table, statistics
  • Query Optimisation - use and understanding of EXPLAIN plans; detecting and preventing data/processing skew; capturing query history

Day 3

  • Netezza Internals - DBOS; transactions; locking; configuration settings; log files; event detection; plan files
  • Stored Procedures - creating, calling, altering, dropping, and showing stored procedures; security and permissions; NZPLSQL syntax

Day 4

  • User Defined Functions, Aggregates, Table Functions (UDXs), Analytic Executables, and Netezza Analytics - Overview of OnStream functions vs. Analytic Executables vs. Netezza Analytics; fenced vs. unfenced; APIs; local vs. remote analytic executables
  • Workload and user management - users; groups; guaranteed resource allocation settings; short query bias; prioritised query execution; LDAP

Day 5

  • SQL Extensions Toolkit - uuencode/decode functions; fuzzy text and regular expression matching; XML support; date, time, text handling
  • Backup and Restore - database and host level utilities; schema and statistics replication

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