Yellowbrick Case Study - Teoco

In this video see how Teoco was blown away by the results of their 3-week Yellowbrick Proof of Concept, which completed in only a week.

Teoco builds software based solutions for the telecommunications industry. They have a global client base with approximately 300 carriers distributed all over the world. Their core expertise is both to have a deep understanding of the data that telecom carriers are dealing with, and their ability to handle large volumes of data to gain actionable insights.

They need to be able to deliver high performance quality systems at a lower price. As volumes of data grew, they needed specialised appliances to be able analyse that volume, and more quickly. They chose the Yellowbrick platform for its ability to bring innovation to life, allowing you to do things that you couldn't previously do, and significantly cheaply. They set up a 3-week POC and we were essentially done at the end of 1 week because they could load the data much faster and the ran their queries without any tuning or modifications.

During the POC they experienced processing times anything from 3 to 50 times faster, and now expect to save about $5million over several years just in data centre costs alone.

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