The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. Make your business

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. Make your business

Yellowbrick has created the ultimate performance Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse. It is faster, smaller, simpler, and better value than Netezza, and offers ultrafast, predictable performance in your data center or any cloud. It is also more compatible and easier to expand than other alternative solutions. And we can help you migrate your existing platform onto Yellowbrick in a matter of days to weeks.

In the Cloud

  • Runs analytics 10x-100x faster than any other data warehouse
  • Supports the applications, users and public clouds of your choice
  • Offers predictable analytics performance, scalability and costs
  • Can replicate databases between on-premises and the cloud, supporting hybrid scenarios such as keeping legacy ETL on-premises but allowing users to access the data in the cloud – and giving customers the flexibility to migrate from or to the cloud at will.
  • Supports multiple clouds for the same warehouse, so you can have your data present, up-to-date and available in real-time in any public cloud as well as on-premises. Yellowbrick is ANSI SQL compliant enabling you to move in and out with ease.
  • Keeps you protected with hourly backups and a full week of retention. If you need more flexibility it supports custom backup policies, allowing you to specify individual databases, backup intervals and retention. Restore to the same warehouse or another within the service.
  • Carries a 99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee.

As an On-Premise Data Warehouse

  • Delivers a turn-key solution and includes standard services designed to let you stay focused on business.
  • Installs easily as an integrated software and hardware standard rack-mount appliance significantly reducing floor space, power, and cooling costs.
  • Uses in-memory processing to deliver query performance 20 to 200 times faster than existing systems
  • Suits your capacity needs from 140TB up to 2.4PB of raw storage and up to 1080 CPU cores
  • With a dense footprint, takes up much less data centre space than previous systems and provides large savings in power consumption and cooling
  • Comes with enterprise security (e.g via LDAP/AD) and monitoring (e.g. via SNMP) built in
  • Includes sophisticated workload management capabilities

Yellowbrick Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Replication-based asynchronous DR delivers multi-region fail-over and fail-back support for all Yellowbrick Data Warehouses. Live in seconds – don’t endure long back-up recovery times when you can least afford them.
  • Instant-on DR with a low operating cost and usage charges only when needed.
  • Monitored and maintained as-a-Service, ready for your use 24x7.

Yellowbrick delivers familiar database software:

  • PostgreSQL dialect
  • Supports PL/pgSQL stored procedures
  • Intuitively familiar syntax
  • Ecosystem integrations through standard ODBC, JDBC, and ADO drivers
  • Supported by common enterprise tools like Tableau, Microstrategy, and Informatica

Migrate your data in rapid time - Use Smart Data Frameworks to:

  • Manage your data warehouse migration and integration to take out cost, risk and effort, and to ensure an optimum result for your business today
  • Get expert assistance from Smart Associates with the Lift ’n’ Shift Data Warehouse Migration Services to:
  • Scope and plan your migration, as part of a Proof of Concept
  • Migrate your schema, data, application logic, ecosystem tools, and users

Get started with Yellowbrick almost immediately:

  • Requires very little tuning and configuration
  • For those already familiar with PostgreSQL or massively parallel processing platforms derived from it (such as Netezza, GreenPlum, ParAccel/Amazon Redshift, etc), there’s no need for more than a day’s orientation to get up to speed with the platform

Improvements beyond other data warehouse systems make your day-to-day life easier:

  • Applications and databases run at top speed with superior concurrent and mixed workload support
  • DBAs no longer need to groom or vacuum tables
  • Statistics are automatically gathered and kept up-to-date
  • Scale compute and storage capacity incrementally simply by adding more blades
  • Size your environment based on your initial storage needs instead of estimating what you need five years from now