Search & AI-Driven Analytics

ThoughtSpot is a new breed of search engine designed for enterprise analytics. ThoughtSpot's Relational Search technology lets business people analyse company data in seconds and helps BI & Analytics teams cut their reporting backlogs by over 90%. ThoughtSpot connects with data from on-premise and cloud data sources and is designed for enterprise-scale, security, and governance - all while deploying 85% faster than legacy technologies. ThoughtSpot has built the world's most advanced, yet easy-to-use number-crunching machine with a singular mission - to deliver access to data at human scale.

Searching to analyse in ThoughtSpot is incredibly easy for users, yet there is a lot of sophistication under the hood that makes it fast and accurate. ThoughtSpot's relational search engine uses collective intelligence to guide users to the right answers, and is powered by a sophisticated calculation engine capable of performing aggregations over terabytes of data with sub-second latency. Complete with robust integration, fine-grained security, and cluster management for reliability and massive scalability, ThoughtSpot brings instant answers at scale to every business professional.

ThoughtSpot Resources

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