An Easy Data Migration - Is There Such a Thing?

Geese migrating in shape of question mark

“Migrate with One Command”, “Be production-ready in a day”, “Seamless Data Migration” – these are real statements from major data warehousing vendors. They imply that you can experience an effortless data migration to their platform. These claims are compelling, but is there really such a thing as an easy data migration? Based on our experience, data migrations are not easy and definitely not effortless. Sure, the mechanics of moving data from one environment to another have been streamlined by increasingly sophisticated tools, but the physical movement of data is really only a tiny part of a data migration project. It’s like moving house. The truck carrying your stuff may be new, with the latest gadgets for efficient loading and a state of the arts driver's cabin for a smooth ride, but as we all know there is a lot more to a move than that.

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