Countdown to the end-of-life for Netezza

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As you probably know the date is rapidly approaching when IBM stops supporting Netezza. On 30th June 2019, TwinFin (N1000) generation Netezza customers will be the first to be cast adrift. Like any technology, of course, Netezza has aged and it's time for Netezza users to reevaluate their needs and adopt something new. It's an exciting time - there are many candidates to replace it.

It doesn't seem that long ago that Netezza was ground-breaking technology. Founded in 1999 Netezza laid claim to being the industry's first "data warehouse appliance" eagerly sought after for its speed and storage capacity. The term "data warehouse appliance" was a term coined to describe a product that used parallel nodes to process large volumes of data for modern data analytics. After a few commercial twists and turns IBM acquired what had become the market leader in 2010 and for the next 8 years or so continued to develop it as the world's fastest and arguably most user friendly data warehousing system.

The decision to discontinue support for the Netezza product line was quite controversial as it presented IBM customers with a hard choice and not much time to consider alternatives. This is where this deadline of 30th June is so crucial. IBM hopes that its core Netezza customer base will stick with the IBM brand and migrate to the IBM PowerPC DB2 mainframe product, branded the IBM Integrated Analytics System.

It is, however, a tough decision especially considering the additional cost and complexity of the IBM IIAS soltuion. For many businesses this may be the ideal time to be breaking out of the IBM mould and adopting one of many alternative disruptive technologies that are out there.

Netezza users are fortunate in having a few options to consider. One one hand, they could consider adopting a cloud-based system and rent their data warehousing capacity. Candidates for this include Redshift from Amazon, and Snowflake. On the other hand, there are high-performance on-site solutions that would appeal to those who like to see a physical server. Yellowbrick Data is a new market entrant that we see as being the top contender in this category.

Whatever choice a business makes, there are short and long term challenges to be faced. At Smart Associates we are well equipped to assist in prolonging the life of an existing Netezza installation, thus buying time for the right technology decision to be made. We can also help identify and implement the right technology, and migrate your data, whether it be to stay with IBM, or to select another technology altogether such as Yellowbrick or Snowflake.

In this series of blogs we will be investigating the issues that businesses are facing in choosing their replacement for Netezza and, hopefully, helping our readers to reach the right conclusions.