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ODI Boot Camp
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ODI Boot Camp

This bespoke on-site training program first introduces delegates to the ODI product architecture, and then teaches them how to use all the supplied ODI modules to design, build, and manage Data Integration projects.
Charles Hunt, UK Principal Consultant


  • Combines formal training materials, practical hands on exercises, and free form interactive whiteboard discussions over an intense 4 day period.
  • Normally performed on-site, using the customer's own data and systems, to ensure the work performed is not 'throw away' in nature.

Day 1

  • Product Architecture overview
  • Client/Agent installation and configuration
  • Master & Work Repository creation
  • ODI supported technologies, data types, and languages
  • Physical Architecture Topology definition
  • Logical Architecture Topology definition
  • Use of Contexts

Day 2

  • The ODI Model
  • Standard and Custom Reverse Engineering strategies
  • Data Quality constraint definition, checking, and enforcement
  • Enabling Change Data Capture
  • Browsing data from within Designer
  • The ODI Project

Day 3

  • Interface Design
  • Debugging, troubleshooting, and execution monitoring
  • Version Control, Scenarios, and Solutions
  • Knowledge Module Design
  • Package Workflow Design
  • Common Format Designer

Day 4

  • Users, profiles, privileges, and Metamodel customisation
  • Procedures
  • Variables
  • User Functions
  • Sequences
  • SoA Integration

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