Smart Frameworks for Netezza®

Smart Frameworks for Netezza were developed to allow faster, cheaper and better data integration with shorter time to value for enterprises looking to migrate between platforms. By allowing developers and DBAs to focus on higher value business user needs, our frameworks takes the risk, cost and time out of “Lift and Shift” type upgrades

If you would like to:
  • Migrate an existing PureData for Analytics (PDA)/Netezza, Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata or DB2 database to a different PDA/Netezza appliance with just a few clicks
  • Reconcile and validate that migrated data matches source data
  • Automatically, regularly and reliably load sequences of flat file source data in the most performant way possible
  • Automatically generate custom extract, load and transform (ELT) and data quality detection logic
  • Access NZ support utility functionality outside of the Host environment
  • Run SQL scripts against a PDA/Netezza database from any device via a web browser
Then you should be talking to us about Smart Frameworks for Netezza!

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