Data Robot

Empower your organisation to build better predictive models faster

Predictive Analytics projects are now pervasive in every major organization, but the inability to execute on these projects is causing massive pain felt by everyone from analysts all the way up to C-level executives. Backlogs of analytics projects that have obvious and substantial top or bottom line impact are growing at a fast pace, and ROI on data lakes and other massive big data investment remains largely unrealized. Largely responsible for these problems are the global shortage of data scientists and organizations’ arbitrary use of the same old, labor intensive, costly, tedious, and slow model building and deployment methodologies.

Data Robot is a machine learning automation platform that enables companies to extract value from their data orders of magnitude faster than anything else on the market. It does this by capturing and automating the best practices of the world’s top data scientists in software that makes it easy for business analysts, developers, and data professionals to rapidly build and implement highly accurate predictive models. Data Robot integrates a vast array of the latest open source machine learning algorithms from R, Python, Spark, H20, and more (rather than a small selection of proprietary algorithms), and it makes it easy for even inexperienced users to always select the best algorithms and pre-processing for the problems they are trying to solve.

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